There are options!

Sleep Apnea Treatment Options This may leave you wondering about your various options.  CPAP therapy is the definitive leader for several reasons. There are several other alternatives that you may want to explore.  In this article, we will explore some of those options. We will also look at why they may or may not be… Continue reading There are options!

Cash Vs Insurance

Purchasing medical equipment can be very easy and not require much documentation…as long as you are not asking an insurance company to get involved.  If you are buying something that requires a prescription with cash, all you need is an accurate prescription and the cash to purchase it.  Once an insurance company gets involved the… Continue reading Cash Vs Insurance

Why PAP therapy?

Using PAP therapy, especially for the first time is a unique experience.  At first blush it would seem to be claustrophobic and difficult to use because it is in your face, yet we see people using it every night and achieving great results.  So, why is PAP therapy so successful? Really it comes down to… Continue reading Why PAP therapy?