Cash Vs Insurance

Purchasing medical equipment can be very easy and not require much documentation…as long as you are not asking an insurance company to get involved.  If you are buying something that requires a prescription with cash, all you need is an accurate prescription and the cash to purchase it.  Once an insurance company gets involved the cost of your care changes.  Now you will be paying with some of your cash and proper documentation.

“He who pays the piper calls the tune”

American Idiom

At the point where the insurance company is paying for the equipment they now require a significantly higher threshold of information to get the same problem resolved.   Typically they will want that same prescription, but they will also require things like physician notes that require specific verbiage related to the equipment being delivered, a certificate of medical necessity, and accurate demographic information.  Get any of this wrong, and you are left responsible for paying the bill.  

The reality is this also dictates care that you receive.  Once it becomes known that insurance will not cover something, it becomes harder to get physicians to recommend these tests because of the the low likelihood of patients completing tests or buying products that they have to come out of pocket for.  After all, the patient is already paying insurance premiums to the tunes of thousands of dollars per year.  Take for example bathroom equipment.  The vast majority of it is not covered by insurance, yet it remains a big area of need for patients after surgical procedures or those that have limited mobility.

In the end all these things area available for cash, and we have many of them in stock.  We work with your insurance where ever we possibly can, but sometimes things just have to be bought with cash.